I’m happy to announce the first release of okularplugin. It allows embedded viewing of pdfs in browsers like Firefox, Chrome and Opera. Okularplugin is intended as a lightweight replacement for Adobe’s Acrobat Reader browser plugin.

For viewing documents okularplugin utilizes Okular – a universal document viewer for KDE. This means that you get the full power of Okular directly in your browser. The following file formats are currently supported by okularplugin:

  • pdf
  • ps
  • epub
  • tiff
  • djvu
  • chm
  • ps
  • cbr
  • fax

You can download it from here: Okularplugin v1.0.0 (33.7 kB) or directly from GitHub: Okularplugin v1.0.0 (tar.gz)

For installation instructions see Okular plugin for Firefox, Chrome/Chromium and Opera or the README file included in the archive.

Screenshots of okularplugin can be found here.